Man shot and killed at West Meeting Street home

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By Chris Sardelli

Though the Lancaster Police Department has not released any information about a man’s death Tuesday night, Feb. 18, the coroner’s office is confirming that he died from unnatural causes.
Lancaster County Coroner Mike Morris said Wednesday morning that a male victim had been found dead near a Lancaster house.
“I know the police went out to Meeting Street and found one deceased person by a house. I think we know what he died from, but we won’t know for sure until the autopsy results are back later today,” Morris said. “I can say, his death wasn’t natural.”
The one-story home along Meeting Street is located directly across from Springs Memorial Hospital. At least four cars were seen parked outside the home on Wednesday morning.
Despite the information from the coroner’s office, there was no information available from the Lancaster Police Department on Wednesday morning about the death.
In an email statement sent to The Lancaster News on Wednesday morning, Lancaster Police Chief Harlean Howard said she could not provide information about the incident until later Wednesday afternoon.
“I am in a meeting and will not be available until after 2 p.m. Captain (Scott) Grant probably will not be in until then. Hopefully he is trying to get some rest,” Howard said in the statement. “He nor I am prepared at this time to make a statement to the media. I am sure that as soon as it is feasibly possible you will be contacted by Captain Grant or I with additional information.”
Morris did not have information about the specifics of the case, but said he knew the investigation was ongoing.
“Right now I’m not sure about the case, but I know they’re still talking to people and piecing it all together. We’re just waiting on that autopsy report and waiting to speak with some of the family,” Morris said.
Morris said his office will hold off on releasing the victim’s name until all of the man’s family members have been contacted.
“We obviously don’t want to release anything until the family knows,” he said.
Check back later for more information.

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