Man robbed at gunpoint returning home

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By Chris Sardelli

A late-night trip home turned frightening for a Lancaster man after he was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men earlier this month. 

Police learned about the alleged armed robbery after the man’s 51-year-old sister reported the crime Sept. 12 in the lobby of the Municipal Justice Center, according to a Lancaster Police Department incident report. 

The woman said her brother, a 55-year-old Lancaster man, was robbed at gunpoint the previous night, the report said. 

The victim was waiting in her car, so police went to speak with the man in the parking lot. 

The man told officers that sometime between 11:30 p.m. and midnight Sept. 11, he was visiting a friend on Marion Street. 

As he was leaving, two men approached him from between two homes demanding the keys to his scooter and all of his valuables, the report said. 

“(The victim) stated one male pulled a silver handgun out and stuck it to his head, pulling him aside while the other tried to crank his scooter,” a responding officer wrote in the report. “(The victim) stated the individual with the gun told him if he screamed, ‘I’ll blow your head off.’”

The victim watched as the other man continued to crank the scooter until he broke the kick starter.

Once they realized they couldn’t start the scooter, the men demanded money, a phone or any valuables the victim had on him, the report said. The victim did not have a phone, but gave them $1 he had in his wallet.

“The individuals told him they knew where he lived, took his keys and $1, stating they would kill him if he reported the incident,” an officer wrote in the report. 

The men then ran away after seeing car lights traveling toward them along Marion Street.

The victim didn’t recognize the men, but reported they were wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks. He also reported that both men are black, had slender builds and were about 6 feet tall. 

Police later went to the man’s home and took photos of the damaged scooter. 

Officers planned to pursue armed robbery charges, the report said. 

Lancaster Police Capt. Scott Grant said Monday, Sept. 23, that the case is still under investigation, though there have been no arrests. 

Based on evidence gathered during the investigation, Grant said there are no apparent ties to other similar armed robberies within the city. 

“There is nothing known that really connects it to any other incident,” Grant said. 

Anyone with information about the armed robbery is asked to call the Lancaster Police Department at (803) 283-1171, (803) 283-3313, or the LPD’s anonymous tip hotline at (803) 289-6040. 


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