Man faces drug and weapon charges after chase

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By Chris Sardelli

A Lancaster man was arrested on several drug and weapon charges after he jumped from a moving car and led deputies on a foot chase last month.

Martiquos Javon McIlwain, 21, 804 Chesterfield Ave., was arrested June 20 on charges of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, unlawful carrying of a handgun, possession of a stolen firearm and resisting arrest, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office incident report. 

The chase began at 11:10 a.m. as investigators were searching the area of Evans Drive for suspects who had just fled a burglary of a home along Cambridge Drive.

A dispatcher provided deputies with the description of a man wearing a white shirt and orange tennis shoes running from the scene, the report said. 

As the investigators turned onto Athena Road, they noticed a black Lexus at a stop sign with a female driver and two male passengers inside. One of the men was wearing a white shirt and was known to the investigators as having a history of committing property crimes, the report said.

The investigators turned around and tried to pull over the car. As they got closer along Evans Drive, a back door opened and McIlwain jumped from the car, the report said. He then ran away. 

Stopping their pursuit of the car, investigators pulled over and began a footchase through the Beacon Baptist Church parking lot, and around several mobile homes along Athena Road and then along Crenson Drive.

As one of the investigators crossed the yard of a mobile home, he grabbed  McIlwain and pulled him to the ground, the report said.

Though the investigator yelled for McIlwain to put his hands behind his back, he continued flailing and could only be handcuffed with the help of the other investigator, the report said. 

The investigators then noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the man’s backpack, so they searched it and found 88 grams of “high grade marijuana” in three individually wrapped packages, a Mason jar filled with 11 grams of marijuana, three sets of digital scales, a cell phone, and a loaded 9mm handgun, the report said. 

Also found in McIlwain’s front pants pocket was a small bag filled with 2 grams of marijuana, the report said. 

All items were seized and entered into evidence.

A check of the handgun revealed that it was reported as stolen.

McIlwain was arrested, charged and jailed at the Lancaster County Detention Center.


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