Man enters woman’s home

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By Chris Sardelli

A Lancaster woman had an early-morning fright Oct. 31 after she found a man hiding behind her couch minutes after he tried to enter her bedroom.

Police learned of the incident about 12 hours later when the 20-year-old victim reported the crime in the lobby of the Municipal Justice Center, 405 E. Arch St., according to a Lancaster Police Department incident report.

The woman told officers it all started after she received a text message at about midnight from someone she thought was her brother. That person, asked her via text to leave the front door unlocked for him, so she did and then went to sleep in her bedroom, the report said.

About 2 a.m., the woman awoke to sounds of someone trying to open her locked bedroom door.

“(The victim) stated she laid in the bed for approximately 20 minutes and then decided to get up and look out the door,” an officer wrote in the report.

At first glance, the woman couldn’t find anyone inside her home.

“(She) started walking through the house turning on lights and she observed a subject duck beside the couch in the living room,” the officer wrote.

The man, who was wearing a black shirt and black shorts, then ran out the front door, the report said.

The victim told officers she recognized the man as someone who grew up in her neighborhood and who has previously cut her brother’s hair.

The woman called her brother directly after the incident and asked if he had used someone else’s phone to text her, though he said no. She also spoke with her uncle who remembered seeing the man walking up and down her street the night of the incident, the report said.

When asked why she waited to speak with police, the woman said she was scared and did not know what to do.

Police later showed the victim a photo lineup, which included the man’s photo, and she identified him as the man who entered her home, the report said.

Due to the fact that no items were stolen from the home and no one was injured, officers planned to speak with a judge to pursue a warrant for unlawful entry, the report said.

According to Lancaster Municipal Court records, a warrant had still not been issued in the case as of Friday, Nov. 8.


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