Make sure you know candidates before voting

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By Mary Atkinson

There are only 59 days left until the Nov. 2 elections. Are you happy with everything that is going on in your town and state? Are all of your ideas, principals and values met? You have some time left to go to see and hear candidates and listen to what they stand for.

It is time we man up and take ownership for the terrible mess our great country is in. It is our own fault. This terrible situation didn’t happen overnight.

Where were you 20 years ago? I was just getting married and soon to start having kids. From then until now I was in a partnership of raising my kids and helping my husband in his business.

We did the field trips, sports, recitals and vacations. I was not paying attention to any politics. I voted even though I didn’t know what any candidate stood for. I sometimes voted straight party lines and other times I zigzagged, every other one was Republican and then Democrat.

I felt voting for somebody was not wasting a vote. Boy, was I wrong. You need to know character and principles of the person who represents you. You need to do your homework.

Find out when candidates, Republican, Democrat or other, will be in town or in a nearby town where you can go and listen to their reasons for being a candidate. Then when it is time, ask them the question that has been on your mind for awhile.

If you don’t like their answer, find another candidate whose answer you do like. Remember these candidates work for you and me.

The Original Lancaster, S.C. TEA Party movement is having a rally on Sept. 11. We will reminisce of this day in our history. We will listen to wonderful speakers with positive messages of life, family and unity.

You will be inspired by a 13-year-old boy who will talk to you about his future and what he is doing about making it better for himself now.

Opportunities to get involved to make a difference in November are taking place now. Please come to the Sept. 11 rally. You will be united with others who are fed up and want to help our children’s future.   This TEA Party movement is in sync with the TEA Party movement that is all across America.

We are focused on the best candidate for the job whether they are Republican, Democrat or other.

I have one more question. How do you want to live the rest of your life? Please check out the Original Lancaster, S.C. TEA Party at www.LancasterTP.com and see for yourself what we are all about.

Mary Atkinson is a Lancaster County resident.