Make a big difference by helping with HOPE

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HOPE needs help. Helping Other People Effectively (HOPE) of Lancaster aids the community through its roster of caring volunteers.
HOPE in Lancaster Inc. is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that provides short-term emergency assistance to those in crisis.
HOPE has a crisis of its own. During the summer months, volunteer help tends to drop a bit with helpers taking vacation.
At the same time, those in need, no matter the situation, need assistance.
The clients can’t wait as their plight never takes time off.
That’s why it’s important for local residents who want to make a difference to step in and step up.
HOPE’s executive director Elaine Adkins said the organization needs at least 15 people each day to help accomplish the task of providing the service for those in need.
The volunteer duties include a wide range of positions from receptionists, interviewers, food room workers, clerical and data entry workers and couriers.
Unique skills for construction, repairs, computers and technology are also among HOPE’s needs.
“This doesn’t mean a fulltime commitment,” Adkins said. “A few hours per week to fit your schedule could make a difference for us.”
The HOPE staff looks to add volunteers, matching their skills and expertise to what a person enjoys.
“We want you to … enjoy what you’re doing,” said Gay Catoe, HOPE’s administrative assistant.
“We need caring, compassionate people.” Adkins said.
The atmosphere is conducive to those who want to reach out and give a helping hand.
“It’s like family here,” Adkins said.
The time to act is now because training classes are scheduled to start in early August.
Those seeking to volunteer need to contact Catoe to begin the application and interview process. As with most volunteer work, background checks are required.
If you can’t provide volunteer help at the site, you can still help by providing food supplies such as jelly, five-pound bags of flour, sugar, grits and cornmeal.
Paper products are another need. Folks, with area gardens, can help with donations of fresh vegetables.
Monetary donations to assist HOPE’s mission is another way to help.
Climate-controlled storage space for food supplies is another form of reaching out and helping.
Down time, free time can become valuable time in helping with HOPE.
Take time to take care of those who need. If interested, call Catoe at 286-4673.
There are many ways in which to help, so take a little time to make a big difference.