Main Street nostalgia fades in our big box stores

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I enjoyed Sunday’s edition of The Lancaster News and the articles related to Main Street. Those two blocks of Lancaster County real estate still exists, although any resemblance to those days of yesteryear is purely coincidental.

One might say, we got a little too big for our britches. Old was out, new was in. Parking on Main Street was too much trouble. Small, family-owned businesses struggled. Family elders passed away and younger family members had other interests. Shoppers wanted convenience, everything under one roof, so to speak.

Discounters appeared, bunches of items, enough stuff under one roof to make up for a block of old Main Street. Sure, some brand name merchandise was cheaper than the Main Street merchant, but a lot of stuff proved inferior. As the fella said, “You get what you pay for.”

Of course, you do your shopping by buggy or cart and usually there is no one to ask for assistance. All the time and convenience of shopping under one roof evaporates when it’s time to stash and pay.

With an acre of check-out counters, only a couple are open with lines of grumbling patrons.

By golly, we’ll get even with store management, we’ll just leave our shopping cart in a vacant parking space. On the way home, we long for the days when we drove ‘round and ‘round the block till we found a vacant parking space in front of the store we wanted to visit.

Modern stores beat standing on the sidewalk talking to folks sitting in cars in all kinds of weather, old Main Street style. Shucks, now we can block up a whole aisle talking to our neighbor who we haven’t seen since Sunday.

Old times are long gone, but not forgotten. Main Street will linger in our memories  until, we, too, become memories. I’ll be seeing you at one of the local discounters, somewhere between the green beans and soap powder.

Sorry, I gotta go, my cell phone started playing Dixie and I don’t wanna miss a call.

W.B. Evans