Lynch’s comments about county unacceptable

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Larry Honeycutt

In my six years of serving on Lancaster County Council I have not made comments to The Lancaster News in the editorial section simply because a response from council members usually brings more comments which I do not believe is needed.
However, a recent e-mail from an Indian Land resident who runs down our city, our county, county departments, our citizens and County Council members is going over the line, in my opinion.
I believe in freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but the comments made by guest columnist Beverly Lynch of Indian Land are unacceptable.
 I am disappointed The Lancaster News chose to print Lynch’s article, “Are any public servants willing to help public?”
Below are excerpts from Lynch’s e-mails to County Council members about the planning department, which sparked my response to Ms. Lynch, and she published in her column in The Lancaster News on June 15:
“It has become quite obvious, that you folks in Lancaster, want Indian Land to look as ragged and dilapidated as your wilting rose. Moni Basu, who by the way has become a friend to me, showed you just how ignorant and backward you are, using the words of your own residents. (Basu is the CNN reporter who wrote “In hard hit SC town, faith and finances fuel political decisions.”)
“So be careful, CNN may visit you again. Wouldn’t that be fun? Wonder what your next sign will read? “I’ve got some ideas. How about these: We are clueless and frankly don’t care. It’s not our fault, Steve Willis pulls our strings and we let him, because we don’t have the time to investigate, besides he wouldn’t lie to us, or get us in lawsuits we can’t pay.
“You form worthless committees, which most of the meetings you do not attend....The damage that this sitting council has done to Indian Land, and yes I include you in this Larry McCullough, is reprehensible. Irresolvable? Possibly, from short-sighted, lack of care, inability to control not only your planning department, but your county administrator.”
Excerpts from Lynch’s letter to the County Planning Department:
“How obtuse are you folks? To do away with the restriction of B3, when you hold meeting after meeting and still cannot define zoning? Your ineptitude at your ‘jobs’ is almost laughable. I find it hard to believe we pay you with tax money.
...If you folks at the planning board are unable to plan the future of Lancaster County, then please resign. You certainly have shown yourselves to be completely, ineffective and detrimental to the future growth of Lancaster County. You could possibly find a cow pasture in say, Wyoming or South Dakota, and I might suggest you start with a logistic grid, if you even know what logistic means. Perhaps you could handle that task.”
Beverly Lynch is one person with one opinion and thankfully does not speak for and represent the wonderful people of this community.