Look, listen and think

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he politicians are on the trail, the media has its agenda and old folks, like me, haven’t got a clue. Whenever these presidential wannabes make a boo-boo, they quickly react with a 180-degree clarification.
According to what I read and hear, South Carolina appears to be largely in favor of Herman Cain, the former Godfather Pizza CEO, for the Republican nod for our next president. His 9-9-9 program of taxation turned upside down looks like 6-6-6 to me. In other words, a real bad sign.
On television news, the newscaster said my monthly Social Security check would go up 3.6 percent beginning in January, then the following news flash was a notice that Duke Energy will be pushing South Carolina regulators for a 15 percent rate increase. Just can’t win, no way.
My daddy once told me to elect a rich man to office because a rich man won’t increase taxes.
Daddy lacked the vision to foresee that the typical rich man of today will do his best to take away the little bit old folks are trying to hang onto.
W.B. Evans