Local Knights of Columbus support our community

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The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men’s service organization founded in 1882 by a Catholic priest in New Haven, Conn.

There are about 2 million members. Its principles are charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. During the last decade, the Knights of Columbus has donated almost $2 billion to charity.

It’s also provided about 700 million hours of volunteer service in support of charitable initiatives.

Our local council, Lancaster, S.C. Council 10066, was formed 25 year ago by members of St. Catherine Catholic Church.

Our local members support various charities in Lancaster, including needy families, boys and girls homes, and thousand of hours of volunteer services.

Our recent fundraising initiative that we just completed was to raise money for an ultrasound machine to be placed in the Lancaster Pregnancy Care Center.

The Knights heading up the fundraising effort for the ultrasound machine were Fred Mangano, George Beaver and Sean Mulcahy.

They and many other Knights were successful in raising $35,406.50 and presented the money to the Pregnancy Care Center.

When the ultrasound machine is installed, there will be a state delegation at the dedication.

Bill Coker

Knights of Columbus