Local author releases three books

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 Staff reports

Lancaster resident and author, Chris Sherrill, will hold a book signing 6:30 p.m. Dec. 18 at Blackwell, Trimnal, Reeves and Myers, a law firm at 201 W. Dunlap St. 

Sherrill recently released three new books simultaneously, a goal he set last year and achieved. 

The books, Battered Angels, Morning Star and The Boy with the Golden Spear, are available from Amazon as print copies or Kindle downloads and can be ordered from any bookstore. 

“This is quite rare, even in the world of independent publishing,” Sherrill said about the release of his three books at once.

Sherrill was asked why he set such a goal?

“Much of 2013 has been frustrating from a book publishing point of view,” he said. “I released my first book, What Rough Beast, in December 2011 and the sequel Taylor’s Kin in July 2012. Those two went smoothly and that’s what I expected for the future. I was wrong.”

Sherrill explained the perils he experienced toward publishing his other books.

“In February, I thought I was close to releasing The Boy with the Golden Spear but issues came up with the cover and then with the format of the book and then there was a disagreement over how it would be marketed,” he said. “The process became a little nightmarish and very trying. At the same time, I lost the thread to None So Deadly, a story about 9/11 that I was co-writing with a colleague – well, I was writing the novel and he was writing the screenplay – anyway, I lost the thread and couldn’t pick it back up again. It was a frustrating time.”

Sherrill made a decision to back away from the project, temporarily.

“To take my mind off the irritations regarding The Boy with the Golden Spear and None So Deadly, I picked up a story that I wrote 20 years ago, Morning Star, and started reworking it with an eye to publishing it,” Sherrill said. “That went so well that I picked up another story also written 20 years ago, Battered Angels, and started reworking it, too.”

Making progress, Sherrill now set his goal.

“Summer and fall were spent working on Morning Star and Battered Angels. When I could, I worked on The Boy with the Golden Spear, he said. “In late October or early November, I was able to resolve the final issue with The Boy with the Golden Spear and realized that I could possibly release all three at the same time, before Christmas. That became my goal.”

Sherrill’s book, Battered Angels, is about child trafficking, a topic he feels may generate some controversy. Morning Star, historical fiction set in 1972, is loosely based on tensions between the United States and Cuba in the aftermath of the Cuban Missile crisis. The Boy with the Golden Spear is a coming of age story about 14-year-old Michael Swift, who is kidnapped and disappears into the Amazon jungle. Sherrill said.

If all goes well, Sherrill will release None So Deadly by summer 2014, he said. This book will be followed closely by the screenplay. For more information about Sherrill visit www.chrissherrill.com.