Literacy program deserves recognition

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By Paula Ivey

I am writing this letter to inform the people in Lancaster and South Carolina of some of the finest people in our county. I know the economy is in turmoil. I know jobs are being lost daily. But the adult education and literacy program should never be put at stake.

The Lancaster program is one of the best and most appreciated of its kind. The staff and teachers are blessed. They go above and beyond their call of duty.

They not only give folks a chance to learn, they instill confidence and morale, self-esteem and offer a helping hand. Their hearts are in their job and it greatly shows.

The building has a special glow with the staff and teachers there. Their arms are open, their hearts are also. They’re not just a learning facility, they are support for all.

The program, staff and teachers should be recognized and praised for their work and support of all who walk those halls.

The Lancaster County Adult Education programs not only prepares folks for the GED, they restore confidence in the folks that enroll.

I’d like to extend a large thank you to all of them for jobs well done. They go above and beyond their call of duties.

Those teachers and staff are truly blessed in many ways other than their career.

Our county is blessed to have such a program and staff. Our county should never consider cutting the program or put a price on its worth. Because it’s priceless.  

Paula Ivey