Listening Center is a support center

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By Jane Massey

Listening Center is a support center

The residents of Lancaster, Chester and York counties are all facing some fast changes in the economy and in lifestyles.

As these changes happen, more and more people may face challenges that lead to a downturn in their everyday life and may have feelings of hopelessness with no one to turn to.

This is just a reminder that the Listening Center in Lancaster is a referral and support center with an ear.

The Listening Center is an organization made up of trained peer counselors who will listen to problems and/or offer a list of support groups that offer support for the same problems.

The center will even help start support groups if they don't exist locally. If a person does not think a support group will help, the Listening Center will try to find another way to help.

Maybe someone just wants someone to talk to and that's all right, too, because one of the main beliefs at the Listening Center is to listen.

Don't forget the Listening Center when you or someone you know needs help. A phone call could mean support and assistance.

Jane Massey

Van Wyck