Line at ILHS kept couple from voting

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Sally and Donald Bennehoff

My husband and I are senior citizens, retired and living in Cobblestone. We have both voted since we have been able to, in many states throughout our married life, as my husband is retired military (U.S. Coast Guard) and we’ve lived in many places.
It was very discouraging to us this past Election Day when we arrived at Indian Land High School, our assigned voting precinct, at 2 p.m. There were about 200 to 300 people standing in line out the door of the school to the edge of the parking lot. We had no idea how many had passed this point of entrance and were in the school building. We drove for many minutes looking for a parking place to no avail. The handicapped spaces were all used, and the traffic looking, as we were, was bumper-to-bumper.
We had an appointment following our stop to vote, never thinking it would be humanly impossible to wait to vote for at least one to two hours, possibly longer.
The same thing happened at the last election, but they had people out in the parking area to bring a voting machine to our vehicle parked in a handicapped space, so we were able to vote. This was not available when we were there this year.
It would seem like the number of people voting at this precinct last time would have indicated many more voting places should have been made available for the Indian Land area, not just one place on U.S. 521. What is the problem and what is being done to avoid this happening year after year?
This is the first time in our many years that we left the precinct and didn’t vote. We felt upset and left out of the privilege of being able to vote, with the only feasible reason being poor planning and no investigation done after last time.
We feel there are many other people who were deprived of their right to vote the same as us. We surely hope that this is going to be a one-time thing and it will be corrected before it’s time to vote again.

Sally and Donald
Indian Land

Editor’s note: There are three more voting precincts in the Indian Land area, but none with waits as long as the Belair precinct at Indian Land High School.