Is Linda Blackmon-Brace from here?

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By The Staff

I was in total disbelief when I read the front page article, “City backs USCL,” to learn that City Councilmember Linda Blackmon-Brace voted against Council’s resolution supporting USCL and requesting Gov. Sanford rescind his budget recommendation. How can she possibly justify her position?

She said “because she wants information about Gov. Sanford’s research and his reasoning before signing the resolution.” Ms. Blackmon-Brace, do you ever read The Lancaster News, or just use it to draw attention to yourself?

The Lancaster News has reported on numerous occasions that Gov. Sanford estimates to save $1.2 million dollars a year on USCL’s closure, and his reasoning was to reduce the budget deficit.

Regardless of the cost savings, or the strength of Gov. Sanford’s rationale for closing USCL, you were elected to represent the interests of the citizens of the city of Lancaster, period. Your vote showed a total disregard for what the citizens of both the city and the county want, and that is for USCL to remain open.

The benefits USCL brings not only to our city and county, but to the surrounding area as a whole, are beyond measure. That is evident from the overwhelming number of letters and editorials the News has received from the citizenry supporting USCL, and opposing its closure.

Did you speak to any of your constituents before voting no to this resolution?

It’s beginning to appear you vote in such a ludicrous manner only to draw attention away from the issue at hand, so the spotlight will shine on you instead, however briefly.

If you continue to vote in such a manner, totally ignoring what’s best for the citizens of the city and in total opposition to their wishes, I suggest you enjoy your term on council, because hopefully in the future, voters will determine it to be your last.