Lightning strike damages Kershaw Town Hall

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Impact causes power outages, no injuries reported

By Jesef Williams

KERSHAW – There was quite a ruckus at Kershaw Town Hall recently, and it had nothing to do with a heated debate between council members.

Lightning apparently struck the Hampton Street building between 5:30 and 6 p.m. Thursday, June 27, during a heavy storm.
Kershaw Mayor Wayne Rhodes said one person was inside Town Hall at the time – a Lancaster County sheriff’s deputy who covers the town and has office space inside the building.

“It scared him to death,” the mayor said.

No injuries were reported.

The lightning strike broke the glass in the cupola, which sits atop the building. The strike also left about five holes in the roof and caused other structural damage to the building, Rhodes said.
Inside Town Hall, the computer server was knocked offline. The phones were left out of order and many of the lights didn’t function.

“It was a pretty good pop,” Rhodes said about the lightning. “A direct hit.”

On Friday, June, 28, town officials were getting estimates of the damage. The phone lines and electricity had already been restored.
Rhodes, though, said a specialist will have to come in soon to work on the computer server.

He expects everything to be completely functional within the next week.

“We’re blessed it didn’t catch on fire and burn,” Rhodes said.

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