LIFT program helps struggling teenagers

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By The Staff

Learning Institute for Tomorrow (LIFT) is excited to announce the start of a new program specifically for teens 13 to 17 years old struggling in school because of barriers to learning.

Beginning this month, classes will be offered to assist teens who are reading below grade level or having problems comprehending what is read, having difficulty staying focused, or feeling angry, frustrated and left behind.

The staff at LIFT have been working with parents, teens attending LIFT, various community leaders and specialists from the Fort Mill School District during the past several months to develop the new program.

The group recognized that many young people with various barriers to learning struggle to keep up in a traditional school setting. This often leads to behavioral problems at school and at home.

Furthermore, the inability to read, to read well or to comprehend written material puts the students at an even greater disadvantage. Children who never learn to read or who fall behind in school due to learning difficulties are at great risk of not only dropping out of school, but dropping out of the mainstream of life.

Thanks to recent grants from Office Depot, Dollar General, Springs Close Foundation and Partners for Youth Foundation, the LIFTed and Talented Program will begin offering educational support services Jan. 12 as an after school program.

Central to these services will be SRA Corrective Reading curriculum and the direct teaching method. Each student will be evaluated to determine proper placement.

Classes will be small, ensuring personal attention. Additional classes offered will include: “Why Try,” a course about the rewards and consequences of the choices we make. The focus is on emphasizing strengths, “tearing off” negative labels, peer pressure, problem solving and handling the weight of responsibility.

“Dare to Dream,” is a course designed to discover how to take the right steps into adulthood. The deadline to register is today. To register for the program or to learn more, call 285-8805 or go by LIFT at 1609 Pageland Highway.

Kathy Wild is the director of LIFT.