Liberals seek to mislead us

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Melanie Aves in her column, “Vote Democrat if you support our education,” in the May 4, 2012, edition of The Lancaster News, once again proves that liberal Democrats absolutely deny the truth when they are faced with actual events proving them wrong. Truth has not mattered with liberals for a long, long time.
Her very first sentence is totally wrong. The Democrats came to the civil rights table 110 years late. Only then they came to buy votes with GovCo benefits for broken families. This caused more families to break up for the free benefits. Republicans have always stood for civil rights for all people, both black and white, while the Democrats have stood for slavery, secession and segregation.
In the body of her column are some accurate number facts from the 2010 census about the poor in Lancaster, which she blames on education or the lack of education. Her liberal response is to vote Democrat so Democrats can spend more money on the problem. More money will not solve the problem. The proof – private schools and home schools beat public schools hands down in academic events across the country. Jesef Williams’ piece about the unemployment in Lancaster being down to 11.6 percent is a cooked GovCo number because probably another 8 or 10 percent have stopped looking and are not counted now. The government welfare and unemployment checks make the government the largest employer in Lancaster.
Some more facts from the same 2010 census may help to explain poverty: 17.8 percent of families with children lived in poverty; 8.4 percent of households with children headed by married parents lived in poverty; 39.6 percent of households with children headed by a single mother lived in poverty. Ask yourself why this is so. The single-parent household is the single biggest reason for our poverty.
The Democrat party of Lyndon Baines Johnson is the reason for this fact. The Great Society and its War on Poverty is the root cause for the break-up of the family in America. To receive welfare assistance all a mother had to do was remove the father from the home and she was on the dole. Daddy was now relieved of responsibility for the child. The policies of the Democrat Party keeps them poor so that the Democrats can buy their votes with promises of more free benefits to support them.
Labor numbers came out for April and, once again, the Democrats, led by President Barack Obama, are the problem. The number of people not in the labor force rose from 87,897,000 to 88,419,000. They have given up on finding work. The labor force is the smallest since 1981. The real national unemployment number is actually more than 11.5 percent, not 8.2 percent. The Democrat Party is the oppressor and the reason once again for the growth in unemployment.
The prophet Isaiah in 3:5 warned us, “People will oppress each other, man against man and neighbor against neighbor and the young  in our schools will insult their elders and vulgar people will sneer at the honorable.” Then in 3:12 he tells us the reason for this, “Childish leaders oppress my people and women rule over them. Your leaders mislead you and send you down the wrong road.”
Everything the liberals do is to mislead us and to increase the size of a controlling government. Europe is our proof. Benefits are free and there are fewer people working to provide those benefits.
The Liberal ideology is a failed ideology and will be our downfall. I have said in a previous opinion article that there is no salvation in any political party. But when one finds the truth, the Republicans and tea party are closer to the truth than the other team.
Ms. Ave’s last sentence is accurate, “The most important legacy we can provide for future generations is education.”
Liberals should be educating themselves, searching for the truth without looking for  some loose statement of facts to support their failed ideology. Like a good police office investigating a crime looking for the truth, the evidence of the truth can be found, but must never be created.
Rudy Schmidt is a Lancaster County resident.