Letters addressed to North Pole

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A few made a pit stop at The Lancaster News office

Chris Sardelli
Whether they’re scribbled in crayon on notebook paper or printed on festive Christmas stationary, the message always begins the same way: “Dear Santa.”
Little hands have furiously written their Christmas wish lists to the big guy in red, hoping to get their favorite presents on Christmas Day.  
Perhaps millions of letters, adorned with stamps and addressed to the North Pole, have been mailed to jolly Old Saint Nick. But over the last month, some of these special missives have made a detour to the offices of The Lancaster News.  
Before forwarding them on to Santa’s Christmas workshop, we managed to sneak a peek at a few letters. And don’t worry – we checked with Mr. Claus before we looked. After all, we don’t want to be surprised with a stocking full of coal on Christmas morning.
One of the first letters we received was also the most involved. The little letter-writer assured Santa she’d been a good girl this year. So good, in fact, she carefully researched 27 items she wants Santa to bring her.
Included on her list were Dippin Dots, an iPod Touch, a trampoline, Moon Shoes and a purple Snuggie. And just in case Santa doubted her “good girl” status, she wished him a safe trip on Christmas Eve. That’s got to count for something, right?
The next boy didn’t sign his letter, but that’s OK because Santa knows what every child wants for Christmas. This little guy wants a BB gun, a Nerf machine gun, a marshmallow gun, a pistol with a scope and night vision binoculars. Santa better step carefully when he’s dropping these gifts off under the tree.
Another boy made his list short and sweet. He wants a few Nerf guns, R.C. cars and a video camera. He left a little note for Santa at the end: “P.S. Mary Christmas.”
One little girl, who sent her list on a crumpled piece of white paper, wants to make sure she looks good in the new year. She asked Mr. Claus for an array of makeup, including “lipstick, chapstick and eyeshata.”
She also asked for CDs from her favorite singers, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, and requested additions to her Littlest Pet Shop collection. Aside from toys and candy, she asked Santa for a few other items she thinks are important – “prayer, job, clothes.”
Two brothers, with a little help from mom and dad, wrote their requests on separate letters, printed nicely on Santa letterhead. They asked for everything from dirt bikes to monster trucks and toy dinosaurs.
Both boys also want to make sure Santa has no trouble with his sleigh. “Have a safe flight,” they wrote.
The last letter we received began with the usual gift requests, including Nintendo Wii games and country music CDs. At the end, the little girl made three special requests: “1. To see everyone in my family on Christmas. 2. Safe trip 4 Santa. 3. Amazing Christmas.”
Oh, and she also wants a purple Snuggie.
Let’s hope Santa Claus is keeping those in stock.

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