Letter: A thank-you to Hasty for her work

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In response to Caroline Hasty’s letter to the editor about Lancaster’s first Easter egg hunt, we would like to thank Caroline Hasty for her hard work and dedication to Lancaster County.   
Caroline welcomed the Lancaster High School Civinettes with open arms when we  
contacted her about an idea for a community-wide Easter egg hunt. She patiently listened to each idea offered by my girls and allowed them to put their plans into action.
We noticed very quickly that Caroline has a strong love for Lancaster County. She wants our community to come together for fun and fellowship through all events offered by See Lancaster.  
I encourage all of you to get more involved in your community. It is rewarding and creates lifelong friendships with people who live around you!
Lancaster High Civinettes and Civitans want to encourage all of you to live by our creed, which states “I dedicate myself to society and to my fellow man with a  commitment to make the world a better place!”
Stacey Kirkley
Lancaster High Civinettes