Letter: Robinson,Benson deserve tribute

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Your praise of Buford’s Corbett Carnes was nice. But your front-page story about Isaac Robinson’s graduation after much struggles deserves another tribute.
I praise his mother, Debbie Benson, for being the driving force in dedicating her efforts toward this diploma. She deserves to be recognized as the motivation and lift holding her son’s education together.
It is parents like her who bring good to society through the growth and achievements of future generations. Without her, Isaac may not have had the opportunities to live his dreams. Yet he will, I reckon, become a productive and solid member of our community, due to her continuous efforts to keep him striving toward this commencement goal.
God bless her and many other parents who do the same thing for their children. Debbie and many other parents have done a terrific and noble job of raising up their children through difficult times, not relaxing in their efforts to make sure that each of them receive the full benefit of learning.
I praise God for dedicated mothers like Debbie.
As author James Leyburn once wrote, a memorial to the Scots-Irish women of the frontier needs to be placed on the highest hill in Pennsylvania. They kept their children fed, clean, protected and educated through difficult times, while their husbands were gone settling and hunting.
I believe a memorial to this mother of today, needs to be placed on the highest pinnacle of her son’s heart. May many of the young men and women of Lancaster County take courage by the results of her efforts.
Congratulations, Isaac!
Robert Miskimen