Let's hope America hasn't been fooled

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By Rob Emory

Let’s take a look at some facts about our new president.

1. Radical ties

Bill Ayers – Terrorist, socialist. Teaches changing America to socialist society starting with school system.

Rev. Wright – Trinity United Church of Christ. Church calls for Marxist class warfare and radical socialist element with black radicalism. Obama member for more than 20 years.

Mike Klonsky – Admitted communist. Obama, while doing his so called community work, sent more than $2 million to his causes, one of which teaches about spending Marxist ideology in the American classroom.

James Johnson and Franklin Rains – Whose corruption played a role in the Fannie May problem and now are in Obama’s inner circle.

LA Times refusing to release videotape of Obama praising Rashid Khalidi at party. Khalidi was a spokesman for Yasser Arafat.

ACORN, moveon.org, Annenberg Challenge and Wood Fund of Chicago.

The list is endless.

2. View of taxes and wealth

Share the wealth as told to Joe the plumber. He told ABC’s Charlie Gibson about why raising capital gains tax even when Charlie pointed out it’s a bad idea. Obama’s response, “I would raise capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.”

Marx – Socialism is the bridge between capitalism and communism. In 2001, Obama was caught on tape on Chicago radio saying that the tragedy of the civil rights movement is that it failed to lead to income redistribution in the United States. In the same interview he called the U.S. Constitution a charter of negative liberties. This from a guy, who as president, is suppose to defend our Constitution.

3. Abortion

Told Planned Parenthood one of first acts as president would be to sign the so called Freedom Choice Act bill that would wipe out a lot of state and federal abortion restriction.

4. Libreal voting

Most liberal voting record in Senate that includes Reid, Clinton, Kennedy and Biden.

5. Reducing weapons

Has said that he would stop all new military weapons programs and call for more reduction in our nuclear weapons.

America has no match in military technology and it needs to stay that way. Stopping new systems to pay for some of his give away programs would be a national security disaster.

6. Idol worship

Oprah calls him “the One.” Louise Farrakhan called him the Messiah. Give me a break.

7. Arrogance

Went to Europe and gave a speech like he was already president. Even said that the world’s time has come. Maybe he should be over the UN instead of USA.

8. Change

What change? Name one bill that Obama has sponsored in the Senate. Oh wait, he has not had time since he has been running for president during his time as senator.

After reading this, if this is the leader America wants, maybe my views of what America needs to be is a thing of the past.

Most of my childhood heroes and leaders I admired are long gone.

But one thing I know is that John McCain would have always put his country first and fought to defend her.

So instead of voting for a person who has spent his adult life fighting against our enemies (communist, socialist, terrorist) some voted for one who has spent his adult life surrounding himself with radicals until he decide to run for president.

The Democrats I know do not have the same views of the person I have talked about in this editorial. If they do maybe the American ideals I hold dear are a thing of the past and they need to admit that their party is now the socialist party of America instead of the Democratic party.

So, for a few of us who still believe America is still worth fighting for, remember as the great British leader Winston Churchill said, “Never Never Never Quit.”

Rob Emory is a Lancaster County