Let’s put an end to violence

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Editor’s note: Following is a letter Lancaster resident Randolph English sent to President Barack Obama.
We are members of a small united group of concerned citizens voicing our hopes to you. We are writing about the high rate of homicides in the United State connected to gun violence. We are asking that the members of the cabinets come together in an agreement in implementing a law to control this situation. We are not sure of the legal steps that need to be followed.
Perhaps change the rules for purchasing guns. What about a physiological background check on anyone waiting to purchase a weapon? Any weapon, confiscated, which was used to commit a crime, could be destroyed as soon as possible. The same could apply if someone is caught with a gun ,which they cannot provide a license for.
We are the mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles and friends of someone who senselessly lost his or her life because someone, who should never have had a gun, somehow was able to obtain one and used it to take a life. If someone sells a gun illegally and it is used in the commission of a crime, he or she  should be charged as an equal in the said crime.
Contrary to the old saying, guns do kill people and it is time to put an end to this violence.

Both Sides Stop the
Violence Committee
Randolph English, Betty Stevens, Ruth McIlwain, Christa Anthony,
Linda Blackmon-Brace,
Roger Hall