Legislators should be fighting for local jobs

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By The Staff

Have you heard of regionalism? This is the newest threat to border counties like Lancaster and York, and it benefits North Carolina businesses at our expense. And Mick Mulvaney, with his Charlotte-based development company, and close ties to Charlotte business, is not doing anything to fight for us here in South Carolina.

According to a recent article in the Charlotte Business Journal, it appears that Lancaster and York counties, with our eager work force and low taxes were starting to catch the eye of some North Carolina companies. That upset some folks in Charlotte who wanted to keep these companies for themselves. So Charlotte development leaders leaned on the S.C. Department of Commerce to withhold the incentives that Lancaster and York counties can give to businesses looking to re-locate from North Carolina.

Who is the SCDOC supposed to be looking out for? Last time I checked, it was supposed to be South Carolina – not North Carolina. Why on earth is SCDOC sacrificing Lancaster and York counties in favor of Charlotte? And where are our leaders like Mick Mulvaney? Why aren’t they fighting for us? Don’t they understand we need these jobs? Apparently not. Are there are other motives for their inaction?

Mulvaney’s anti-employment behavior here is consistent with his actions when we lost our manufacturing jobs to China. He just doesn’t care about working families.

Did you know that within a month of Springs having to close the Grace Bleachery and lay off hundreds of workers, shipping their jobs overseas to China, our own representative, Mick Mulvaney, took a trip to China to promote free trade. Free trade is what cost us our jobs. Free trade is responsible for our double-digit unemployment. Free trade has resulted in so many families losing their homes to foreclosure. And Mick Mulvaney thinks free trade is so great he went to China to promote it.

And if Mick Mulvaney thinks free trade with China is great, I can see why he won’t stand up for us against Charlotte. He runs his own real estate development company out of Charlotte. Sure he wants Charlotte to prosper – even if it costs Lancaster and York counties some jobs. Who does he represent – us or himself? The answer is obvious.

Mick Mulvaney won’t fight for us against China. Mick Mulvaney won’t fight for us against North Carolina. Mick Mulvaney won’t fight for us against the SCDOC. Several weeks ago, Mulvaney spent half a newspaper page bragging on what a good job the SCDOC was doing. Sure he thinks they’re doing a good job – protecting Charlotte from Lancaster and York counties’ recruiting business. That’s good for him, because his development business is in Charlotte. That’s not good for us – because we need jobs.

Time and again we see that Mick Mulvaney does what’s good for him – not what’s good for us. He looks out for his own pocketbook – not ours.

If Mick Mulvaney cared about keeping jobs in our area, he would not have promoted free trade with China. If Mick Mulvaney cared about bringing jobs to our area, he would have moved his own business into South Carolina. But he didn’t.

Mick Mulvaney doesn’t care about us. He cares about himself and his own pocketbook. We need a senator who understands the hard times we are experiencing, and who knows how badly we need jobs here in our communities.

We need a senator who isn’t afraid to stand up to SCDOC and fight for us. Mick Mulvaney is only looking out for himself.

Ken Warren is a Lancaster County resident.