Left-leaning media only does bogus reporting

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As I look back throughout my 75 years on earth, what a drastic change I have experienced. In my early years, Dick Tracy was one of my favorite cartoon characters. He had a television and telephone on his wrist. At that time, we didn’t even have a TV in our house, but there was one in the window at the corner store. It was a 12-inch model.
The good old days – yes, to a point. When it comes to health care, America has the best health care in the world. No other country comes close. So I support the modern health care and thank God for the blessing he has given me to live in America and be able to access the wonders of American medicine. Don’t get me wrong, as far as the good old days and today’s living, I choose living in the present the best.
The good old days are good therapy – to jump back 50 years and review the good and bad times.
People in my age group have a wonderful advantage of comparing the good old days to the modern age we all live in at this time.
For some odd reason, the newspapers have always been tilted to the far left, even if it means to discredit America any way they can. It is the same old diatribe, more so at the present time.
Anyone who talks sense, is honest and forthright and says that he or she is a Christian, the left-wing newscasters and newspaper editors cast stones of false reporting against that segment of the honest right.
The question to ask is why? To go live in a concentration camp in Siberia? The only instrument that keeps the American people free are the words, “We the people,” the Bill of Rights etc.
My letter to you was written with the Bill of Rights in mind. I used to read a number of newspapers. I don’t anymore.
The tilted left has done so good of a slanted job of bogus reporting, millions of good Americans have canceled their newspaper subscriptions, just as I have done.
What’s the future for young people? Not good from my viewpoint.
What’s the future for America? From my viewpoint, it’s questionable.  

Franklin Whittlesey Sr.
Indian Land