LearnTV participating in CBS project on Obama’s first 100 days

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By Jesef Williams

The nation may get to see how Lancaster County is being affected by the first 100 days of Barack Obama’s presidency.

Richie Knight, a producer with LearnTV (Comporium’s cable channel 18), entered a contest sponsored by CBS that asks locals why their community should be picked to chronicle the first 100 days of Obama as president.

CBS picked one person from each state, and LearnTV was chosen to record thoughts from South Carolinians in the program.

CBS sent LearnTV a high-definition Mino camcorder that staff and students are using to gather footage and conduct interviews.

The camcorder is LearnTV’s to keep for good.

In the letter to CBS, Knight wrote, “A flip camera would allow students to shoot stories that I think would allow people around the country to see how people in our community can and will overcome this so-called vulnerable ranking.”

Logan Catoe, a student at Lancaster High School, is filming parts of LearnTV’s project.

Catoe said he wants to focus on the University of South Carolina at Lancaster and Springs Global, the former textile giant that was once the area’s economic hub.

His aim is to capture what “used to be” while also concentrating on a local bright spot that can carry Lancaster County into the future, he said.

The chance to get his work exposed is exciting, Catoe said.

“It’s a unique opportunity to do something that might be put on national news,” he said.

All the footage submitted will be a part of CBS’s online collection of videos.

Knight believes there’s a chance CBS could send a crew to Lancaster County to gather additional footage if its producers come across a submission from here they really like.

Jonathan Stephens, another producer at LearnTV, said it would be good if Lancaster County is picked by CBS to shine a positive light on the area.

“This is a state that needs a lot of attention,” he said. “It’s a good way for us to have a direct link to national media.”


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