Langleys grateful for community support

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Jamie and Donna Langley

On Sept. 15, 2010, our families’ lives were turned upside down by one simple word – cancer. If you, your family, your friend or a loved one has ever been stricken by this ugly disease, you’ll know that this  letter is heartfelt and sincere.
Jamie, a husband of 17 years and father of three children, was diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. What we have learned from our experience is that life must go on. We still worship, still raise our children, still attend our boys’ ballgames, still work and take care of household duties.
However, there have been times when I must go it alone because Jamie doesn’t feel well. But we have made up our minds to not let this disease consume our lives. Since September, we have had an incalculable amount of love, support, donations, thoughts and prayers. This letter is to serve as a tremendous thank you to each and every person who has given our family an ounce of their support from prayers to benefits. It means the world to us.
A big thank you goes to Carla Hill and family for the first benefit organized on Nov. 27 at the Buford Pro Shop. Even though we thought the Clemson/Carolina game would hinder attendance, the community showed its true colors and raised $1,100.
Second, a huge thank you goes to William “Fuzzy” Bass and his staff, along with Lynx Alliance Wrestling Association, for their efforts in making the second benefit on Dec. 4 a humbling experience. With much support from the community, $1,900 was raised.
We are looking forward to the benefit scheduled for Feb. 5, 2011. Jamie is currently prescribed a six-weeks rest period, having completed chemotherapy and radiation. After losing about 30 pounds, he has begun gaining a few pounds, thanks to his feeding tube and regained appetite.
On Jan. 17, he will undergo major surgery to remove the cancer and is anticipating a 10-day hospital stay. We ask for more prayers and thoughts during this time. Thank God for our many blessings and we pray that each of you be blessed.

Jamie and Donna Langley