Langley captures first Crate Sportsman win

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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight


Josh Langley captured his first career Crate Sportsman win to highlight racing action at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

In the Crate Sportsman main, the front row had Josh Langley and Andrew Baker. With the fireworks between these two drivers last week, fans were on their feet during the pace laps.

When the green flag dropped, it was Langley, Baker, Dustin Sweatt and Jacob Catoe all roaring into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, Langley led over Sweatt. The race saw numerous cautions. Once the racing got started, it was a thriller as Langley, the son of local veteran driver Jeff Langley also known as “Bones,” led track veteran Dustin Sweatt.

Langley and Sweatt dueled for the lead as Andrew Baker, Hank Taylor and Austin Baker battled for third.

As Justin Taylor says, “Them boys are driving.”

As the Baker brothers and Taylor were putting on a three-car thriller for third, back up front Sweatt was looking every inch of LMS to find a way to pass Langley.

Coming to the white flag, Sweatt gave it one last shot on Langley, but Langley was too tough to tame. He roared down the front straightaway to take the checkered flag. The Langley fans were in full force as they cheered him with waving hats and clapping.

Once Langley climbed out of his Buford Little General No. 7 machine in victory lane, he was met by track announcer Duane Goins to the fans’ roar. Top 5: Langley, Sweatt, Austin Baker, Hank Taylor and Kevin Blackwell.

u In the Super Street main, the front row had Rusty Robinson and Timbo Mangum.

When the green waved, it was Robinson, Mangum, Brent Hodges and Jake Gibbons all roaring into turn one for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Robinson with the lead, but there was a caution and this set up another restart. On the next restart, Robinson, Mangum, Hodges and Gibbons roared into turn 1 battling for lead.

Exiting turn two, Robinson led over Mangum, Hodges and Gibbons. While Mangum and Hodges battled for the lead, the man on the move was ninth-starting Brandy Baker.

Baker worked his way to the front, passing cars on the high side and low side. By this time, Hodges worked his way around Mangum for second and Baker was third.

This is where the racing began as Hodges and Baker had a battle for the ages for second.

The same thing that happened to Baker last year occurred.

As Baker and Hodges roared down the straightaway, Baker’s top flew off behind the back straightaway wall.

As the race continued, Baker was all over Hodges. Baker pulled beside Hodges numerous times.

A late-race caution set up a three-car shootout between Robinson, Hodges and Baker.

When the green flag waved to restart the race, every fan in the stands and every driver and his pit crew in the pits was on their hauler watching this great three-car battle.

As the drivers roared into turn one for the lead, Hodges was all over Robinson’s back bumper.

Coming to the white flag, Hodges gave it one last shot on Robinson only to come up short as Robinson proved too tough. Robinson took his first win on the 2012 season at LMS. Top 5: Robinson, Hodges, Baker, Cody Reynolds and Justin Rollins.

 u In the Pure Street main, the front row had Ryan Whitaker and “Burn ‘Em Down” Steve Hinson.

When the green fell, it was Whitaker, Hinson, Jerry Sexton and Matt Harris all roaring into turn one.

Exiting turn two, Whitaker led over Hinson, Sexton and Harris.

Whitaker, who has numerous wins at LMS over countless years of racing, had a battle with Hinson, who has his share of LMS success.

Hinson, who has seen bad luck happen to his car to start the 2012 season, was looking to change his luck. Whitaker pulled out to about a four-car lead over Hinson, Sexton and Harris, but once Hinson got by  Sexton, Hinson was a man on a mission.

Within two laps, Hinson was all over Whitaker’s bumper.

During the middle stages of the race, the race was red flagged due to Matt Harris flipping numerous times in turns one and two. Harris walked away OK.

When the racing got restarted, it was Whitaker and Hinson resuming their battle for the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Hinson put the pressure on Whitaker.

With about three laps left, Hinson made his move on Whitaker and took the lead.

Hinson then set sail to take his first win on the 2012 season. After the race, Whitaker protested Hinson on his intake and shocks. Hinson was found legal and kept the win. Top 5: Hinson, Whitaker, Jesse Carson, Robbie Helms and James Marion.

u In the Stock 4 main, it was Eric Caskey and Evan Thomas on the front row.

When the green flag fell, it was Caskey, Thomas, Mike Snipes and Tyler Funderburk roaring into turn one for the lead. Exiting turn two, it was Thomas, Caskey and Funderburk.

Thomas had a mirror full of Caskey and Caskey had a mirror full of Funderburk as these three great drivers began to pull away from the rest of the field to set up a three-car shootout.

Caskey gave Thomas all he could handle as Caskey would look under Thomas in every turn. Thomas was too tough to tame as he picked up his second straight win to start the 2012 season. Top 5: Thomas, Snipes, Caskey, Funderburk and Brent Lowery.

u In the NDRA GM Performance Late Models, it was Brandy Baker and Robbie Aldrigde on the front row.

When the green fell, it was Aldridge, Baker, Donnie Austin and Andy Hodges roaring into turn one battling for the lead.

Exiting turn two, it was Baker with the lead, but a caution set up another start.

On the next restart, it was Baker, Aldridge, Austin and Hodges battling for the lead again entering turn one. Exiting turn two, it was Baker with the lead over Aldridge, but behind the leaders the man on a mission was Timbo Mangum.

Mangum picked off drivers left and right on working his way up to the front of the field. Once Mangum got around Austin and Aldridge to take second, Mangum then set his sights on Baker. Mangum began to gain some ground on Baker as the laps ticked off.

Mangum came as close as two-car lengths on Baker, but on this night “The Gambler” proved too tough to tame and took his first 2012 win in the NDRA GM Performance Late Models division.

Top 5: Baker, Mangum, Austin, Aldridge and Harold Purser.

u In the Extreme 4/Front wheel drive main, the front row had Lonnie Laney and David Laney. When the green fell, it was Lonnie Laney, David Laney, Scotty Steen and Joseph Laney battling for the lead going into turn one.

Exiting turn two, David Laney led. Behind the leaders, the man on a mission was Frank Roof, who started eighth in the field and worked his way up to the front one car at a time.

Once Roof caught the leaders, he wasted little time in capturing the top spot and began to pull away from the rest of the field to go on to capture the checkered flag.

After the race, Joseph Laney tried to buy Frank Roof’s car, but Roof opted for the swap rule which both drivers would swap their cars, but Laney would decline therefore the winner was David Laney. Top 5: David Laney, Scotty Steen, Adam Leaird, Mel Privette and Lonnie Laney.

On Saturday night, April 28, LMS will feature the Hagar Motorsports Vintage Vengeance Race No. 1.

Also on the card will be NDRA GM Performance Late Models, Super Street, Crate Sportsman, Pure Street, Stock 4 and Extreme 4/FWD. Gates open at 5 p.m. for the stands and 4 for the pits. Admission is  $12 for the stands and pits $20.

If you missed any of the action from last Saturday night, Jackie Sims will have DVDs for sale for $10 in the pits.

Be sure to check out the peanut guy in the stands. He has regular boiled peanuts for sale and Cajun boiled peanuts and other stuff.

 To talk about the on- track action, or find out more info about Lancaster Motor Speedway visit www.dirtracefans.com and make sure you register.