Lancaster woman found dead in Kershaw County

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Daughter reported her missing on Jan. 26

Staff Reports
CAMDEN – One of two bodies found Tuesday and Wednesday in Kershaw County is from Lancaster County, according to the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office.
The bodies were discovered after Gerry Wayne Geiger’s family called the sheriff’s office asking if officers could check on him because they had not heard from him for several days.
When officers went to Geiger’s house they found him dead from multiple gunshot wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. Geiger’s truck was missing and the sheriff’s office put out an alert for the vehicle.
Geiger’s family provided a State Law Enforcement Division sketch artist a description of a man who recently visited Geiger.
Florence County deputies saw the truck Wednesday morning and noted that the driver, Brian Franklin Evans, matched the SLED sketch of the man who visited Geiger.
Evans was pulled over and investigators received information that led them to a female body in the woods off Flat Rock Road in Camden, according to the sheriff’s office. On Thursday, that body was identified as Elizabeth Evans, 61, of Lancaster.
Evans’ daughter, Kristen Matthews, filed a missing persons report with Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 26. Matthews said she had not seen her mother since Dec. 16, according to the report. The last time she had contact with her was Jan. 6 through a text message. Evans no longer has the same cell phone and had no contact with any other family member.
Matthews said her mother had changed since she married Brian Evans in June 2010. Matthews had no contact with Brian Evans either. She also had no idea where her mother could be because all her family was in Lancaster.
Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews said he thinks Brian Evans is connected with the deaths of Geiger and Elizabeth Evans.
“Mr. Evans has a pretty extensive record,” Matthews said in a press conference  Wednesday. “House breaking, drug charges, escape. He is somebody that doesn’t need to be on the street and we’re glad to get him off.”
Sheriff Matthews attributes their deaths to drugs.
“We expect there might be some drug issues with the defendant,” he said. “And as I’ve said before, drugs is the common denominator in a lot of crime in this county. Property crimes, as well as crimes of violence.”