Lancaster team prevails in second disc golf victory

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Locals top Elon Park

By The Staff


Disc golf action resumed at Elon Park as the Lancaster kids traveled to their second match against Elon Park Elementary’s disc golf club.

The format, as in the first match at the North Elementary course, featured nine holes of individual stroke play followed by a round of best-shot pairs competition.

Team scores were combined to determine a winner, with the Lancaster kids posting a 39 strokes per player average against Elon’s 41.

Lancaster team members included: David Reeves 30, Landon Peavy 32, Grayson Kirk 33, Adriel Garcia 39, Douglas Rucker 41, Riley Burton 41, Colby Arant 42, Cameron Reynolds 42, Jaden Young 42, Carson Blackmon 43 and Eli Nix 48.

The Elon Park players included Cole Geiger 35, Dawson Schuchmann 35, Noble Tsumas 35, Tyler Roakes 36, Andrew Verica 40, Miles Willett 42, Will Collins 42, Chase Garbert 42, Savannah Schuchmann 45 Torrie Phelps 47 and Varun Murlidhar 50.

During the best shot pairs competition, the Lancaster kids won every match.

After the scores were totaled and averaged it was Lancaster 30 to Elon’s 33.

All of the children had fun, made new friends, and enjoyed the support they received from their parents. 

The ultimate result of this two-week series illustrates the viability of disc golf competition at the elementary school level.

Students from both schools are looking forward to another disc golf season next fall.

In the first-ever elementary school disc golf competition at the North course on Nov. 3, the Lancaster team won in the stroke-play round with a 32.5 to Elon Park’s 33.

In the “best shot” format for the second round, the Lancaster kids posting an average score of 26 to Elon’s 29.

The matches were organized by Steve Lambert, a Lancaster parent and volunteer, and Jason Geiger, P.E. teacher at Elon Park Elementary School in Ballantyne, N.C.