Lancaster residents need to oppose landfill

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Jane Tanner

Indian Land, Buford, Chester and Heath Springs have joined with Kershaw to oppose Waste Management Inc. contracting with Lancaster County for a Class 3 landfill. If approved, the Mining Road landfill would then be the second largest landfill in South Carolina.
1. Lancaster County Council had Ordinance No. 155 rewritten to “clean up the language in the county’s code.” Ordinance No. 1073 eliminates all public notification. www.seelancastercountysc.net/council/ordinances and scroll down to 1073 and 1080
 2. At a special (secret) council meeting, County Attorney Mike Ey suggested the application for the landfill by Waste Management Inc. be titled “Project December.” All three readings were accomplished in December 2010, secret due to this code name.
3. Council did not do complete due diligence on landfills. No inquiry was done on Spartanburg Landfill, South Carolina’s largest landfill, on compensation and benefits. Spartanburg receives $2.25 per ton and Lancaster has contracted for .31 cents per ton. Duh! Spartanburg also received a 200-acre park and property value assurance.
4. With a proposed annual intake of 1.2 million tons and operating six days a week, we are looking at 200 20-ton trucks per day. This landfill is southeast of the city of Lancaster, and on a two lane road – S.C. 903. To reach S.C. 903 coming from North Carolina, trucks will need to travel U.S. 521, S.C. 9, S.C. 5 and any other road in the county that makes the route shorter. Who’s going to pay for the repairs to these roads?
We must act now. E-mail each member on council and ask them to repeal Ordinance No. 1073. Also encourage them to start transparent government as they decided during their strategic planning weekend.
u Larry McCullough, mccullough2008@comporium.net
u Larry Honeycutt, lhoney@comporium.net
u Cotton Cole, cottoncole@hotmail.com
u Rudy Carter, rudylc@comporium.net
u Kathy Sistare, ksistare@comporium.net
u Jack Estridge, jackestridge@yahoo.com
u Charlene McGriff, cmgriff@comporium.net
u County Administrator teve Willis, swillis@lancastercountysc.net
u Planning Department Director Chris Karres, ckarres@lancastercountysc.net

Jane Tanner
ILAC president