Lancaster News spotlights good news, too

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In a time when we tend to complain that all the news is bad news, I am reminded that is not all true.
I read some very uplifting stories in the Feb. 12 edition of The Lancaster News that gave the naysayers reasons to reflect on the more positive aspects of the news and Lancaster specifically.
The featured story of the remarkable, long, enduring friendship of the Rev. W.O. Thompson, Larry Honeycutt and Phil Cleveland is heartwarming and joyful. It shines a light on the value of being a good neighbor and friend.
Then there was the article on the Men’s Breakfast Club. I am so happy to learn that a group of men, most not so young anymore, are praying for their fellow citizens and enjoying the fellowship of each other.
And 11 county district school teachers became nationally certified.
Further, I found my Sunday dessert, “Remember When,” written by my favorite storyteller, W.B. Evans. He can always take a simple or small event, give it that folksy touch and capture our imagination of times past and present.
He makes me smile or sometimes just think. I thank The Lancaster News for spotlighting the good news.
We are Lancaster!

Carolyn Taylor