Lancaster County Council reverses change in landfill buffers

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By Chris Sardelli

Lancaster County Council approved first reading of an ordinance Tuesday night which reverses a change in the county’s codes relating to required buffers between homes and solid waste landfills.
The ordinance, which was a last-minute addition to council’s agenda, amends the county’s Unified Development Ordinance to change landfill buffers from 1,000 feet to 1 mile. Under the county’s new requirement, landfills would not be allowed within 1 mile of residences and structures such as daycares and schools.
The amendment comes only months after council changed the buffer to 1,000 feet in county ordinance 1073.
During Tuesday’s meeting, several county residents spoke out against a proposed solid waste landfill near S.C. 903 and worried that the 1,000-feet requirement made it easier for the landfill to be approved.
The landfill property’s owners will now have to contend with the buffer change as they seek permitting approval from the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals on Thursday night.
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