Lame-stream media fails

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Ronald Hopkins

What a gang of hypocrites the liberals are. Lets start with golf. When George W. Bush was president, the liberal left couldn’t bash him enough for going golfing so much. President Barack Obama, “the anointed one,” has hit the greens more in his first two years than Bush did in his eight years. Not much from the lame-stream media on this.

Sarah Palin has been called dumb, stupid, idiot and every other name you could think of, yet Mr. Intelligence (Obama) needs a teleprompter to talk to anyone. Let’s not forget signing 2008 when it’s 2011; that we have 57 states – one of them must be the state of confusion; Breathalyzer when it was an inhaler, giving the British royal family CDS and trying to get into the White House through a window.

As the left says all the time – it’s so good to have the most intelligent man ever in the White House. When you find him, let me know. Not much on these God-like moves from the lame-stream media.

Liberals attacked Bush over and over on anything he did in Iraq, but again the savior gets a break. Obama sent us to war in Libya, and, according to the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the president has to get Congressional approval of military action 60 days after the initiation offer. Well, that 60 days was up on May 20. Obama’s administration has defended the action by saying America’s involvement in Libya, which includes bombing air defenses, providing intelligence, 70 percent of reconnaissance mission, more than 75 percent of refueling missions, and firing 228 missiles as of mid-May, does not amount to hostilities. Huh? What is it, a Tupperware party? Not much from the zombies in the lame-stream media on this.

When Bush was president, Nancy Pelosi said Bush’s policies hadfailed, because of 5 percent unemployment and gas costing more than $3 a gallon. When asked if Obama’s policies have failed, because gas costs more than $3 a gallon and unemployment is at more than 9 percent, she says if you want to stay in the past you can, but the people want to look to the future. Huh? Since Obama has been president, the left has talked about nothing, but blamed Bush for everything. Not much from the sheep in the lame-stream media on this.

And not much of anything that Caesar Obama has done to ruin this country is reported by the idiots in the lame-stream media. 

 Don’t hold your breath waiting.