Lage letter: We must deal with our destruction of morals

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This letter is in response to Mathew Taylor’s column, “Letter to my congressman,” in the Jan. 2 edition of The Lancaster News.
Why he was given such a big platform, I don’t know. But clearly this letter is a far left view of the cause of the tragedy in Connecticut.
Blame the guns. Never hold a person responsible for his or her actions is the liberals’ way.
A weapon could sit on a table and never hurt a human until a human touches it. All your suggestions would not have prevented this from happening.
Nothing would have showed up in his background to prevent him from buying a gun or guns. The same amount of children would have been killed if he used just a handgun. He had all the time he needed to do what he did.
Banning all guns will not stop these tragedies from occurring. If a sick mind decides it wants to destroy human life, it will. It will resort to other means to commit mass killings.
Until we deal with the destruction of morals in this country, it will continue. Mr. Taylor, it’s your generation that’s gone off the deep end. The reason is because the left has allowed this to exist.
Here are a few examples: Our children grew up hearing all over the news how God is wrong and should be removed from our lives. We buy our children video games that glorify killing – mass killings. We promote music that insults religion and women. We promote music that glorifies cop killings. We allow sex all over our televisions.
We promote abortion, teaching our children they have a right to kill the unborn as if it’s nothing. We allow TV shows that are all about killing people and rewarding those who do. We spend more time promoting why two men or women should marry.
We throw parties for our unmarried, under-aged children who get pregnant. We reward them with big presents from our government for doing so. Telling a teenager they should wait to start a family is now taboo.
My generation and all the ones before had access to all the guns we wanted. Yet, we wouldn’t think of doing such a barbaric act. But this generation has no problem taking life in mass instances.
It took years to get where we are. And it will take years to fix. But to fix it, we need to stop the assault on God. And stop the assault on life. We need to teach our children that life should be protected.
John P. Lage Jr.