Lage letter: Check smoking stats in those states

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Here’s some advice to help Lancaster County Council. There is an ordinance before you regarding smoking. You have had numerous people speak for or against it; more, I might add, against. After the special-interest groups parade cancer survivors to speak and tug at your heart strings on how to save them or the rest of us. There’s a way you can get the actual truth about this issue on whether it’s worth taking more of our freedoms away.
At the last meeting, you had a health official claim that 47 states, districts or counties have done this, so why not Lancaster?
Contact those health departments and see if their health insurance costs have gone down. They should have. Contact them and see what savings they have noticed since implementing these laws. They keep stats on everything these days, so the info is there. Contact the average voter and see if their premiums have gone down. Contact the hospitals and see if they have had less patients since the law took effect. Call the health department in those jurisdictions and see if the cancer rates have fallen.
According to all the claims made, there should be some drastic changes in all the areas where this smoking ordinance was passed, After finding the info, vote yea or nay. I have now freed you from this burden that’s been eating at you about what to do. Simple choice: Bill of Rights and the Constitution or Big Brother.
John P. Lage