Kudos to Tammy Moody

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Boy, it’s good to see an old timey sock-it-to-em’ letter on the opinion page and not some government official’s news release.
I wish Tammy Moody (“Local officials are hyprocrites” in the Sept. 9 edition of The Lancaster News) success in her efforts to sway local elected officials toward filling up the vacant store fronts along Main Street.
Opening a business is a great undertaking. You gotta have deep pockets or good credit to stock a business.
Then you face the one and biggest problem, finding customers. It’s sorta like figuring which came first, the chicken or the egg. Seems like no one is hollering about the need for “jobs.” Sorta like old time movie facades – all for show with no substance.
Maybe our industry hunters oughta take a gander at small business ventures. You know five job outfits which could be quickly arranged rather than an outfit with 300 possibilities. Why not offer these smaller entrepreneurs some financial incentives?
Jumping over to another subject is John Lage’s comments regarding the loss of some freedoms we have long enjoyed. Elected officials sometimes find it a sign of modern times to strike down stuff we have been long accustomed to. To smoke or not and if so, where and where not. Which foods and drinks are too fattening for our children. Hiking up baggy pants has not been placed on the agenda, yet.
Remember when teenagers were told to quit circling Main Street on weekends. Well that worked out pretty good. Nobody circles Main Street, on any day or night.
Be careful of what you ask for.

W.B. Evans