Kershaw Town Hall torn down

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By Johnathan Ryan

KERSHAW – Kershaw Town Hall came down Friday.

Built about 1902, the complex on Hampton Street underwent various renovations and uses over the years. It was demolished by Maintenance Insulation of Lancaster to make way for a new town hall to be constructed next year on the same site.

The demolition work started Nov. 13, with workers starting from the back and working toward the front, said Town Administrator Tony Starnes. The work will cost slightly more than $18,000.

Asbestos was removed from the building before demolition could start, Starnes said. It was hauled to a local landfill, where it was to be disposed of separately from other waste in accordance with state regulations.

The building north of the old town hall site was slated to be demolished this week. The rubble was also slated to be taken to the Mineral Mine landfill this week.

Town Councilman Harold Williams, who watched the demolition from his car on Friday, said he doesn't really have any poignant memories of the building.

"It's just sad to think of how long it was there and to see it go," he said.

It reminded him of what the downtown area used to look like in the 1940s and 1950s. Williams ran a barber shop in downtown Kershaw for many years.

But Williams said it's time for change. He likes that the new town hall will be a more level building and will be more cost-efficient with regards to utilities.

New town hall

Architect Ed Bowers of Millennium Three Design of Charlotte gave an overview of the new town hall plans at Kershaw Town Council's Nov. 5 meeting.

Council suggested adding more space for a courtroom and nixing the idea of a judge's chambers.

The new town hall complex will be about 6,000 square feet. It will house the police department and administration offices. The courtroom will function as council chambers.

It's expected to cost about $750,000. The town will likely finance most of the project with a loan, Starnes said.

Next month, council will look at Bowers' design and determine interior design features, which will render a final cost figure for the project. Starnes said council may hire an interior designer for such planning.

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