Kershaw man accidently shoots himself in foot while cleaning rifle

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By Denyse Clark

A 30-year-old Kershaw man accidentally shot himself in the foot on Dec. 14, according to a Lancaster County Sheriff's Office incident report.

The man told a deputy he was cleaning his .22-caliber rifle when suddenly the gun discharged the live round that was still in the chamber, the report said. The man said he thought the weapon was unloaded and was unaware a live round was in the chamber.

“(The deputy) asked (the man) if he shot himself on purpose or if anyone else shot him,” the report said. “(The man) confirmed that he was not suicidal, he was alone and nobody else shot him.”

The deputy said in his report that the man was coherent and did not appear to be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. The deputy also noted he observed a small wound on the man's right foot near his big toe and saw a sock with a small amount of blood and a hole in it.

According to the report, the deputy checked the rifle, cleared the chamber and saw a single spent round come out of the chamber. The deputy collected the round as evidence and also collected shell casings that matched the one from the rifle, the sock and one live round. 

The deputy wrote in his report he determined the man to be telling the truth about the incident and that the man shot himself in the foot with a “rat shot” round.


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