Kershaw Council hopes good fences make good neighbors

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By Denyse Clark

Kershaw town officials have heard plenty of complaints from homeowners about swimmers traipsing through private property to get to the local pool.
This was a hot topic of discussion during Kershaw Town Council’s meeting Monday, July 21.
Mayor Wayne Rhodes said the complaints continue because swimmers are entering the gate from an area near the pool building to below the pool on private residential property.
“People are jumping over the fence and skinny-dipping at night,” he said. “We need to deter them from entering the back way.”
Interim Town Administrator Tony Starnes presented two price quotes for the potential fencing projects.
“The first quote is $1,100 to put up a 6-foot fence from the corner of the existing fence to the woods,” he said. “The fence would have a 10-foot gate.”
The second price quote was for a 134-foot fence at a cost of $2,500, which would take the existing fence and extend it to the corner of the end of the town’s property at the pool.
The council voted unanimously to approve the $2,500 quote for the pool fence.
“I like the idea of a fence,” Rhodes said. “It would deter them (swimmers) from walking in (private) yards. It’s just a deterrent.”

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