Kershaw council agrees to buy fire truck

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By Johnathan Ryan

KERSHAW – It's almost a done deal for the Kershaw Fire Department in its search for a new engine to replace a 1991 one that's increasingly a liability.

Lancaster County Emergency Services Director Morris Russell told Town Council members Monday the news some had been waiting to hear: Lancaster County will assist in the town in buying a new $432,000 truck. Russell is also a captain in the Kershaw Volunteer Fire Department.

County Council approved a $5.4 million bond package last month that will be used to buy an array of new trucks and other fire equipment for the county's 19 departments.

The Kershaw department's piece of the pie is $184,000 for the truck, Russell said. The town will have to finance the remaining $247,000.

"Basically, what we're asking tonight is for the town to enter into a contract to buy the truck," Russell said. "The fire department is recommending the purchase of a Pierce truck."

He said a check from the town will be needed by June to pick up the truck from Pierce, which submitted one of six bids to the town.

Town Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract to buy the truck. It will be paid for with a 10-year loan, with the town paying about $31,000 a year.

Monday's action seemed to close a sore chapter for the department, whose leadership resigned their posts when the town denied buying a new truck in the 2007-08 year's budget.

Some of those who voted against the measure in April wanted to wait and see how Lancaster County might assist in buying a new truck.

Town Council held a special meeting one week later and resolved to buy the truck if the county assisted in the cost. The department's leadership accepted their posts again.

The department was fully functional during the short resignation period.

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