Kershaw Chamber grateful for Christmas parade support

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On behalf of  the Kershaw Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank everyone involved in making the Kershaw Christmas Parade a success this year.
Without each of you who worked and participated, this event would not have happened. Each entry this year was so special and well-thought-out. We want to commend you for a job well done and we look forward to working with you again next year.
A special thank you to  Dr. W.L. McDow for serving as our grand marshal, accompanied by his lovely wife, Sue. Dr. Mac, as he’s affectionately called, is a grand man and is so worthy to serve in this capacity for our town. Thank you, Dr. Mac, for all you’ve done for Kershaw. Another special thank you to Don Walters, who graciously escorted our grand marshal in his beautiful horse and buggy.
Our judges this year for the homemade floats were Miles Gardner, Shirley Dixon and Don Coates. The choices they made were first place, Refuge Church; second place, Faith Church and third place, Bantam Chef. Thank you, judges and winners. The judges wanted everyone to know that all homemade floats deserved to be winners. They were all beautiful.
In addition to Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office leading off our parade, which we always appreciate, Kershaw’s own Civil Air Patrol under the direction of Lt. Col. Joe Tirado, Capt. Natalie Tirado and First Lt. Gary Sowell, got our parade off and running, and made way for our marshal. Thank you for serving Kershaw and the chamber as you do.
The Kershaw Fire Department played a big role, as usual, in providing a great place for our adults and children to be able to see, visit and talk to Santa. Thank you for all of your love and cooperation and how you always support the chamber and town.   
A special thanks to Town Administrator Tony Starnes, the town of Kershaw maintenance crew and Lancaster County Sheriff’s officers, who spent so much time and energy helping put this parade together. Although they were not on the parade committee, they worked diligently to make it happen and the parade would not be possible without them. We always appreciate The Kershaw News Era and The Lancaster News for providing wonderful  coverage.
The town of Kershaw provided golf carts for the committee’s use during the parade. Lynches River Electric Co-operative  allowed its employees to hang the Christmas decorations throughout our town. Thanks to LEARN TV for great coverage. We salute all efforts made for this event, promoting our town during this special season of the year.
Southern Properties Realty opened its doors to make Southeastern Float Co. float drivers feel welcome by allowing lunch to be served in their facilities on Cleveland Street. We thank you so much for all you do for our chamber and town. You are definitely a company for everyone and you support so many functions in our town.
Mike Broughton, assisted by his wife, Doris, was our commentator this year and did a wonderful job promoting our chamber members, businesses and interviewing locals, including children, before, during and after the parade. The chamber has heard nothing but praise for his professionalism and manner. Thank you, Mike and Doris.
Another special thank you to Linda Adams for co-ordinating the lineup for the parade. She, Wade Hunter and Gary Sowell were invaluable for making the parade going smoothly.
To all who participated and attended this event, the chamber board, along with the members of the Kershaw Chamber of Commerce, thank you sincerely for your attendance and we wish you all a Happy New Year.

Kershaw Chamber of Commerce