Kersey listens and addresses residents' issues

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By The Staff

I am supporting the reelection of Wayne Kersey for Lancaster County Council District 7. I personally have known Wayne and his wife, Faye, for most of my adult years. We attended and were members together for many years at Antioch Baptist Church.

His son and wife are members and a vital part of our Sunday school and church family at Covenant Baptist Church. I also patronize their businesses.

I feel as though I can speak concerning the quality of his character.

Wayne and his wife are small business owners. They make a modest living and live in a modest home.

As a former business owner myself in the city and now a small farmer, owner of several businesses and a homeowner in the county’s District 7, I know that Wayne will listen and address the concerns for small business owners, homeowners, fellow citizens and neighbors.

I also know that he will not follow an agenda of his own, but will be a voice for the people of District 7 and will not let politics, greed or the dollar influence him in his decision making.

Wayne respects our elderly, the poor, middle and affluent classes of our county and is not looking to advance his own political interest. He also respects the environment in which we live. He was recently named the Department of Natural Resources top farmer for his conservation efforts to protect wildlife and the environment on his farm in the Oak Hill community, an award we all as small farmers should be striving to attain.

In the political world, an arena where money often talks, the real issues and needs of our citizens are shoved to the side, ignored and replaced with someone’s own agenda and desire for political advancement and status. The people of District 7 and Lancaster County deserve a representative who is forthright, honest, humble, ethical, God-fearing with high family values and someone who tells-it-like-it-is kind of person.

I believe that person is Wayne Kersey.

I urge everyone to get to know the real people behind the faces of the candidates they plan on voting for and the real reasons they are running.

God bless you as you vote this June 10.

Barbara Denton Benton