Kersey’s roots run deep in District 3

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It would be a great honor to serve as county councilman for Lancaster County District 3. My roots run deep in District 3. My grandmother, Levy Watts, was born in Oak Hill and my grandfather, Dwight Thompson Wright, was born and raised in Tradesville.
My ancestors had a farm in the Oak Hill community for more than 100 years. My wife and I own that very farm today.
During my four years on council (2005-2008):
u We acquired a grant from the Springs Foundation for $250,000 to buy 25 acres of land for a recreation center in Buford communications. The cost of the buildings and ball fields was paid for with money we worked diligently to recover from a failed business deal between Front Door Communications and the previous council.
u The temporary courthouse, along with 7 acres of land on the bypass, was bought with money from an insurance policy we had on the old courthouse. We did this without raising taxes.
u $5.5 million was invested in new firetrucks and equipment for our firefighters.
u An ambulance and EMT was added to the Tradesville community and we updated the 911 radio towers and bought new air tanks and radios for the fire departments.
u When I left office in December 2008, there was more than $20 million in the cash reserve fund.
It’s time to do the business of Lancaster County in front of its citizens instead of in executive session behind closed doors.
District 3 currently has some of the worst roads in the county. Good roads are important in attracting high-paying jobs and industry to this county. We need to prioritize our most important needs and work with the public and private sectors and apply for grants to address these needs.
On Tuesday, June 12, residents of District 3 will have the opportunity to vote for a true conservative, who has a track record of working hard and getting things accomplished for district residents.
I stand strong and focused on the future of Lancaster County and would appreciate your vote of support for me on Tuesday, June 12.

Wayne Kersey