Judicial system has to follow through

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By The Staff

When I read the headlines, “A call for peace, cooperation,” in the June 2 edition of The Lancaster News, I was simply disgusted for the citizens of Lancaster County.

I personally served as the eyes, ears and even hands for law enforcement in Lancaster County. I cooperated fully with Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office leading to the arrest of a drug dealer several months ago.

The dealer was arrested with drugs, a large sum of cash and guns.

My hands then provided the sheriff’s office with several notebooks detailing drug transactions including pills and cocaine. Oxycontin is the new most addictive drug on the streets, according to the media.

 The arrestee was never prosecuted.

When the solicitor was questioned as to why, he could not explain how this particular case slipped through the cracks.

 It is disheartening for the above situation to occur. It is disgusting for our judicial leaders to publically stand and make such comments as:

 “We need your eyes and ears,” “zero-tolerance when it comes to breaking the law,” “you gotta help us. The judicial process is your process. It doesn’t work without total community support and involvement.”

 Solicitor Doug Barfield faces rattlesnakes because his office fails to prosecute the criminals after they are arrested.

The community will gladly become involved when they can trust the judicial system.

 Before I am misunderstood or misquoted, I think our deputies, investigators and officers are the finest.

My heart breaks for the way they put their lives in danger, to simply have the judicial system fail them.

 If public speeches are to be made, then at least tell the entire truth of those allowed to walk away.

 This is simply politics at its best.

Susan Johnson