Jones twins proof of God’s faithfulness

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By Denyse Clark

 Denyse Clark



Pamela L. Jones, a Lancaster author, has penned her first book, “Overcoming Barrenness,” which chronicles her initial inability to conceive a child, then her painful endurance of three miscarriages, marital problems and a journey into God’s word that ultimately led to victory – the birth of twins.

Jones’ book was released Tuesday, Jan. 7, about seven years after she believed she first heard the Holy Spirit urging her to write about her experience, she said.

“It was an honor to write this book and I’m glad to share my testimony,” Jones said. “It had gotten to a point where it didn’t matter when it happened because I knew it was going to happen. God said it.”

Jones and husband, Kenny, were married in 2005 and wanted to have children right away, she said.

“After a year of trying, we couldn’t conceive and back then, I put my faith in doctors,” she said. “So I took the (fertility) medications, but I heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘Wait on me.’”

Jones said she stopped taking the fertility medications and became pregnant within four months.

“I carried the baby six weeks and miscarried,” she said. “I was devastated.”

Jones took another form of fertility medications but again, she said she heard the Holy Spirit telling her the same thing as before.

“The second time, I carried the baby for 11 weeks and miscarried,” she said. 

Jones, who attends Lifeline Ministries on South Avenue, began to focus on Scriptures pertaining to her particular situation.

“Do you know there’s Scripture that speaks about miscarriages?” she asked. 

“The Holy Spirit led me to Exodus 23:26 (New King James) that says, ‘No one shall suffer miscarriage or be barren in your land; I will fulfill the number of your days,’ and Deuteronomy 7:14 (NKJ) says, ‘You shall be blessed above all peoples; there shall not be a male or female barren among you or among your livestock.’ These were Scriptures I began to stand on.”

Jones continued to fervently study the Bible to find more of God’s promises for her and it was during this time that God began to reveal more of himself to her, she said. 

In 2007, she said she was stirred in her spirit to write a book. 

She jotted down her thoughts about the first two miscarriages, but didn’t write the book, she said. 

In 2008, Jones started a support group with other women who had experienced miscarriages or similar infertility problems.

“I knew ladies dealing with this, but I wondered how could I tell them anything about overcoming barrenness when I didn’t even have a child,” she said. 

“It was like a ministry. Though I was hurting, I was still ministering to them. It was amazing the revelation God was showing me and I was showing them.”

Jones said her faith deepened and she told the group something that changed everything.

“I told the women, ‘I can’t have a miscarriage because of what Jesus did for me on the cross,’” Jones said. 

When Jones got pregnant a third time, everyone was ecstatic, but she miscarried again. She said a short time later, the support group dissolved.

“I knew it was the enemy at work because I had said, ‘I can’t have a miscarriage,’” Jones said. “At this point, I asked God, ‘Where did I miss it?’”

She said the Lord revealed to her that she was trying so hard to avoid another miscarriage that, in essence, she was trying to stop in the physical what he had already stopped in the spiritual realm. 

Jones said she and her husband than began having marital problems.

“My self-esteem had gotten real low,” she said. “I felt like less of a woman because I couldn’t give my husband a child, but I was determined I was going to stay focused because I knew it was God’s will for us to have a child.”

Jones said even through her marital issues, she continued to claim God’s promises to her. 

She said she told her husband something that had to be a word by faith because she doesn’t know where she got the gumption to even say it.

“I told my husband, ‘for three months I’m going on birth control so I’ll have time to spend with God, but when I come off birth control, you’re gonna be a daddy,'” she said laughing.

Jones said she repented to God for not consulting him first about the birth control, but he revealed to her she needed to use this time to become “rooted” in his word, she said.

“I knew then I was about to hit something,” Jones said. 

“A lady from my church told me, ‘God’s going to do something big for you, so expect it.’”

The miracle took place almost immediately.

“I got pregnant for the fourth time,” Jones said. “I said to my husband, ‘what about twins?’ I spoke it by faith.”

Jones said even though her faith had grown, she was still scared because of the previous three miscarriages. 

However, when she went for the ultrasound, a nurse confirmed what Jones already knew.

“The nurse said, ‘I got news for you, it’s more than one – it’s two,’” Jones said. “I was expecting it.”

On May 15, 2012, Jones gave birth to twin sons, Keshawn and Kamari. 

“They were born at 28 weeks but they’re healthy boys,” Jones said beaming. “They’re 19 months old.”

Jones now understands that what she went through was to give strength and encouragement to others going through the same thing.

That, she said, is why the book was written. 

“Simply believe – that’s what the Lord said to me,” Jones said.

“It’s not about how many books I sell but if I can touch one life, I’m good.”


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