John Griffin to discuss and sign ‘Silent Heroes’ book at library

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Dr. John Griffin will have another book presentation at the Lancaster County Library in Lancaster at 7 p.m. Tuesday.
This presentation will concern his new book, “Silent Heroes: Lancaster County in the Civil War.” Griffin will sell and sign copies of the book after the presentation. The book sells for $29.
“Really, the demand for this book has been incredible,” Griffin said. “It’s been very heartening to know that the people of Lancaster are so dedicated to preserving the history of this county in the Civil War. The young men of Lancaster County played a great role in that terrible war, and this book is dedicated to preserving at least part of the role they played.”
Griffin said Lancaster County raised 10 companies of soldiers in the war – a total of about 1,200 men. After extensive research, he was able to record complete lists of all the men who served, plus what happened to them in the war.
“Beside each name I tell if that young man was killed, died, wounded or captured. The number of young men who were killed or died is truly appalling,” Griffin said. “Very few of these young men ever returned home again. And those who did were frequently missing arms or legs. It’s like almost an entire generation of young men from this country never came back.”
At the end of the book, Griffin includes stories from residents who suffered during Gen. Tecumseh Sherman’s march through Lancaster County.
“I found these stories in old copies of The Lancaster News from back in the 19th century. They are really terrible, the suffering that our civilian population suffered. But they worked together to survive. It’s very inspirational how they helped each other to make it, how they fed each other and looked after each other.”