Jackson, wife lived high life on others’ money

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Former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. has negotiated a plea deal with the government, in regards to his misuse of campaign funds.
He’ll have to pay back money, about $100,000, and is supposed to do some jail time. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that, though.
It seems he used the money to fill up his house with furniture, bought himself a $40,000 Rolex, and paid travel expenses for a woman he described as a “social acquaintance.” Does that social acquaintance have a pimp (or a financial director?)
Jesse’s wife, Sandi, also resigned from her alderwoman post in Chicago, and is facing an investigation, too. She received $5,000 monthly from her husband’s campaign funds for being a political consultant.
Egotistical bums like Jesse Jackson Jr. have enriched their lives at the cost of others. While he’s living the high life – mostly from the money of poor people – the people he represents live in poverty and crime.

Ronald Hopkins