It's time for God's people to stand up for our country

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By The Staff

As I continue to read about all the controversy over the Muslim’s building the mosque near Ground Zero in New York, I personally take this as a slap in the face. I can only imagine how the families of those who lost their lives must feel. You should study their religion. Their Bible (the Quran) plainly teaches that all who do not convert to Islam are infidels and should be killed.

In addition to killing infidels like Christians and Jews, Muslims are also commanded to kill anyone who leaves Islam (Hadith vol. 4, no. 260).

I am a born again Christian. Obama talks about freedom of religion. Why have most of the Christian’s rights been taken away, such as praying in the name of Jesus or prayer at schools? Oh I forgot, that offends people.

Did I mention that I am offended by the fact that Muslims want to kill me and my family if we do not convert to Muslim?

It is time for all of God’s people to stand up and fight for our country and our God.

The Rev. William Pate