It is up to conservatives to save nation

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By The Staff

We attended a Lancaster outdoor Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party on July 3. On April 15 we attended a Tea Party at the same location. About 300 people attended the April event and about 500 attended the July party.

Liberal moderate Republican Lindsey Graham recently said, “The TEA parties will die out.”

Well, I know where he stands and it is not with the people who voted him into office. The conservative people can forget getting any support from him.

I call these moderate politicians “River Carp.” They stay in the middle of the river and when they see something on the left bank, they swim over to the left bank. They do the same with the right bank wandering the river with no constructive ideas in mind, just concentrate on building up campaign funds for the next election.

A very interesting machine was displayed at this TEA Party.

It was a spending machine with changing numbers that represented what the liberal Democrats and moderate Republicans are doing with our money. On the top of the machine there were three large pictures of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, U.S. Rep. John Spratt and President Barack Obama – three of the most liberal spenders in America’s history.

Not only is it a spending machine, it is a truth machine.

The displayed numbers changing at the speed that an eye blinks represent the truth as to what the liberals and moderates are doing with our tax dollars.

With no support from the liberals and moderates to save this nation, it is now up to the conservatives.

They must save our currency, our lifestyle, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the unborn, the seniors, our doctors and hospitals and our health care system.

They need to bring back our freedom and protect and defend all those who are putting themselves in harm’s way defending our country. That includes policemen, firemen and EMTs.

It is time to clean sweep the debris out of Washington. It is so littered that a broom can’t do the job. So, we will have to use a shovel.

Get your shovel ready for this November’s cleaning.

Also, wear boots and gloves. Don’t want anyone to catch any germs.

Franklin Whittlesey Sr.

Indian Land